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Our Products

  • Multi-functional Children’s Playgrounds

    Multi-functional Children’s Playgr

    Multi-functional Children's Playgrounds inspire children's intelligence and exploration, train their capacities of balance, jumping, coordination and climbing, provide the five…

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  • Seamless Safety Surfacing

    Seamless Safety Surfacing

    Combining seamless design with elastic materials, it has shock-absorbing, anti-slip and anti-collision properties that ensure children to be safer during…

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  • Anti-Ricochet Tile for Shooting Ranges

    Anti-Ricochet Tile for Shooting Ranges

    Anti-Ricochet Tile is made of rubber, which complies with the safety protection factor of PTU and makes training more secure.…

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  • IMG_4884

    Water Play

    Made of stainless steel, the colorful and innovative design incorporates a marine theme, allowing the whole family to enjoy summer…

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  • tennis post

    Sports Court Equipment

    Perfect for tennis courts, basketball courts, tracks and fields, and other sports equipment.   Contact Us: sales@hinkiu.com

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  • Sports Court Surfacing

    Sports Court Surfacing

    The rubber material is in compliance with IAAF specifications, which has shock absorption, abrasion resistance and cushioning effects, increasing safety…

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  • Running Track

    Running Track

    Perfect for both outdoor and indoor running tracks. The synthetic rubber material has good elasticity, shock absorption and non-slip functions,…

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  • Coating Surfacing

    Coating Surfacing

    Customers can select products with appropriate specifications according to their requirements, such as: ITF/EN14877 coating surfacing to match the user's…

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  • Artificial Turf

    Artificial Turf

    Suitable for soccer fields, as well as indoor or outdoor recreation areas to create a green space.   Contact us:…

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  • Puerta

    Dog Parks

    Can be used in police dog training school, public dog parks for dogs to play, etc.   Contact Us: sales@hinkiu.com

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  • Green Wall

    Green Wall

    Using organic soilless breathable cotton (Pafcal) to cultivate green plants, it is convenient and easy to take care of, ensuring…

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  • padding 2

    Protective Padding

    Perfect for gymnasiums, children's playrooms and common resting areas; made of non-inflammable synthetic leather and sponge materials, with protective and…

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  • Rubber Flooring

    Rubber Flooring

    Made of synthetic rubber material with good elasticity, shock absorption and anti-slip properties. It can withstand heavyweight objects, and is…

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  • Recycled Timber Decking and Seating

    Recycled Timber Decking and Seating

    Made from eco-friendly timber to avoid deforestation, contributing to the care of the earth.   Contact Us: sales@hinkiu.com

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  • Entrance Mat

    Entrance Mat

    Hin Kiu is the exclusive agent for the brand of "Zone2Guard" which has obtained the EU's most authoritative Reach certification.…

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  • Outdoor Fitness Equipment

    Outdoor Fitness Equipment

    All of our outdoor fitness devices comply with EU standard EN16630. We offer a great variety of products that is…

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