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Category: Sport

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

All of our outdoor fitness devices comply with EU standard EN16630. We offer a great variety of products that is uniquely designed, allowing the public to practice daily physical exercises to stay healthy.   Contact us: sales@hinkiu.com
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Artificial Turf

Suitable for soccer fields, as well as indoor or outdoor recreation areas to create a green space.   Contact us: sales@hinkiu.com
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Running Track

Perfect for both outdoor and indoor running tracks. The synthetic rubber material has good elasticity, shock absorption and non-slip functions, which help improve the comfort and safety of runners, allowing for better performance.   Contact Us: sales@hinkiu.com
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Sports Court Surfacing

The rubber material is in compliance with IAAF specifications, which has shock absorption, abrasion resistance and cushioning effects, increasing safety and enhancing the athletes' experience.   Contact Us: sales@hinkiu.com
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