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Mission & Vision

“Play, Practise and Explore with Huge Fun and Safety”

As a company with social responsibility and ideals, Hin Kiu is committed to "caring for the physical and mental development of the new
generation, and building a dream playground with craftsmanship", and the design concept of each product is educational, unique, and
closely associated with environmental protection:

Multi-functional Children's Playgrounds: Inspire children's wisdom and exploration, train their capabilities of balance,
provide five senses experience, and add controllable stimulation to develop their adventurous spirits.

Seamless Safety Surfacing: It has shock-absorbing, anti-slip and anti-collision functions. Our company specially uses
new technology that can present exquisite patterns with high accuracy according to customer’s requirements.

Sports Court System: Shock-absorbing, wear-resistant, and cushioning materials are used to allow the teenagers to exercise
their body, mind, and will, as well as to maximize their physical performances.

Anti-Ricochet Tile for Shooting Ranges: Anti-Ricochet Tile is made of rubber, which complies with the safety
protection factor of PTU and makes training more secure. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges.

Green Wall: Let’s have a green live together and care for the earth with love.

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