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Established in 2014, Hin Kiu specializes in recreational, sports and playground equipment in Hong Kong, providing customers with one-stop superior quality
services: from product design, manufacturing, installation and integration to excellent after-sales service (maintenance and repair). As a large-scale recreational
and playground equipment contractor, we possess a professional technical team, rich research and development expertise, as well as intensive experience in
construction and assembly. We have gained an excellent reputation for product & service qualities from our customers.

Over the years, Hin Kiu has been leading the market towards product diversification, which includes multi-functional children's playgrounds, sports field systems,
seamless safety surfaces, and more:

Green Wall: Using organic soilless breathable cotton (Pafcal) to cultivate green plants, it is convenient and easy to take care of, ensuring cleanness without
mosquitoes or insects, and is also an eco-friendly material, dressing up the ordinary walls with greenery clothing.

Dog Parks: Can be used in police dog training school, public dog parks for dogs to play, etc.

Recycled Timber Decking and Seating: Made from eco-friendly timber to avoid deforestation, contributing to the care of the earth.

Entrance Mat: Hin Kiu is the exclusive agent for the brand of "Zone2Guard" which has obtained the EU's most authoritative Reach certification. Made of
eco-friendly building materials, it is non-toxic, low-loss, extremely durable, non-inflammable, highly safe, and has superior drainage.

Anti-Ricochet Tile for Shooting Ranges: Anti-Ricochet Tile is made of rubber, which complies with the safety protection factor of PTU and makes training
more secure. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges.

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